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13 Mar / Spitpaints


Here are a couple of sketches I did for the Daily Spitpaint group on facebook. Topics are given daily and the challenge is to make a painting in 30 mins or less without using any photographic elements such as textures or sampled brushes. I’ve been an avid speedpainter since the early days of sijun, but 30 minute timelimit was something new to me (there’s an online stopwatch which I fear has aged me beyond my years). At first I was skeptical about the extreme time limit compared to the more flexible speedpaintings (1-3 hours?), but I’ve found it a very interesting challenge. Half an hour gives you no time to second guess yourself and if you do end up producing a turd it only cost you 30 mins of your life, leaving plenty of time to try again. Give it a shot! 

 “Forest Eating Demon”foresteater_didden


 “Ice Skating”



“Steam Vent”



“The White Ring”



“Hell Cat Biker Gang #1″



“Hell Cat Biker Gang #2″



“Riot Police”


By Floris Didden in Sketching
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