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07 Sep / Fays, Fairies & other magical creatures

Fays Blog

For the 10 Weeks and one summer of lightness at The Mediamatic institute in Amsterdam I was invited by curator Martin Butler to produce an original work for the Fays, Fairies & other magical creatures exhibition.

Painting digitally has many advantages, but one disadvantage is that the work I create never truly feels “real” to me. As long as the picture is trapped inside a hard drive my monkey brain seems somehow not accept that that it is part of reality and that I truly created something. The invitation to make a piece for the Fays- exhibition was a great opportunity to bring my work from digital limbo out into physical reality.

With my installation I invited the audience to enter a fairy realm that normally lies unseen between the folds of everyday reality. The set was created using digital and traditional painting techniques. It consisted of photo quality prints mounted on board, 4 layers of depth, being 5 m wide by 3,2 m high. Using the classic principles of Trompe-l’œil, forced perspective, it was possible to peer in to and even enter this world between worlds. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA fays_wholefays_anja

floris_didden_faeries_web fays_cutting

Fays WIP 01


A short movie made by Françoise Desbois, documenting the treck to Amsterdam and the creation of the instalation.



By Floris Didden in Exhibition
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